Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How to invite good luck into your home!

I was watching Julie Yap Daza's show last Sunday. Joseph Chow, Mandarin Oriental's Feng Shui master, was one of her guests, and he mentioned that to invite good luck into your homes for the coming year, the following should be place on your family's dining table on Chinese New Year's eve (Feb. 17):

2 pineapples
2 pomelos
4 pcs dragonfruit
4 apples
4 oranges
2 pcs lettuce (with roots intact)
2 large onions leeks (with roots intact)
2 stalks celery (with roots intact)
2 lotus fruits
5 carrots

The above fruits symbolize a host of auspicious things like health, wealth, good fortune, etc.


basti said...

hi wella! thanks for your post. i just got back from sm supermarket and tried to buy everything on the list! i saw at least 2 people buying the same fruits as i was... and in the same quantities! only problem is, no one seems to know what a lotus fruit is... so i got everything but that.

Ria said...

shucks internet connection was down in our area and i only saw this list now! i wouldve wanted to buy everything too. =( i dont know what a lotus fruit is, either!